Legislative Drafting

Our Public Policy and Legislative Drafting practice has a deep understanding of how the government operates and has fostered an extensive network including the Jordanian government, the private sector, and international agencies and donors.

IBLAW provides comprehensive legal advice and consulting services to all stakeholders in the areas of public policy and legal reform. We are active in identifying public policy reform requirements, drafting, advocating, and implementing legislation. Our public policy team collaborates and builds on our substantive knowledge in every practice area. Consequently, IBLAW has the expertise and capacity to provide legal support in various areas of public policy and legislative drafting such as international and multilateral trade agreements, public sector reform and restructuring, governance and the rule of law, economic and judicial reform, investment regimes, and special economic zones.

To implement challenging long term public policy projects, IBLAW has developed an excellent working relationship with international agencies and donors, including USAID, the European Commission, the World Bank, Difid, the United Nations Programs, and international subcontractors.

Our accomplishments include providing comprehensive legal support to Jordan's World Trade Organization accession, and advising the Government of Jordan in drafting and negotiating the United States - Jordan Free Trade Agreement. IBLAW advised the Government of Jordan on the establishment of Special Zones in Jordan such as the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) which aimed at creating a duty-free low-tax special economic zone with an independent regulatory framework. In connection with the ASEZ project we also assisted in setting up a streamlined, liberal and attractive investment climate - an impressive legal exercise that involved drafting more than 40 pieces of legislation.

In addition, IBLAW has assisted in legislative reform efforts at the core of Jordan's reform agenda related to capital markets, telecommunications and information technology, tourism, environmental policy, civil service, public procurement, investment, tax, securities, and public sector restructuring. On a regional level, our lawyers drafted WTO-TRIPS compliant legislation for the Palestinian National Authority, advised the Government of Tunisia by conducting a legal survey of barriers to service trade in Tunisia, and advised the American Moroccan Chamber of Commerce on matters related to the Morocco-United States Free Trade Agreement.

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